Building Personal Resilience for our Future Leaders

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It’s not a secret that stress is a leading cause of ill health among office workers.

We all feel stressed from time to time, maybe through pressures at work or at home or when our lives go through a period of change or when a project is more complex than anticipated or previously experienced.

It’s a fact that many successful business and sports professionals feel stress or even anxiety at some point during their careers, with fear of failure being one of the biggest contributing factors.

In some cases, too much pressure and stress overwhelms us emotionally and affects our physical health. Symptoms such as fatigue and irritability or a stress related health condition can lead to absence from work and typically costs the equivalent of 1 year’s salary in direct and indirect impact for the employer.

So how can we tackle and manage stress? Have a read of my recent article ‘Building Personal Resilience for our Future Leaders – a ‘stress beater’ for Talent Programmes’ published on