We partner with companies who know inaction on employee resilience and wellbeing will reduce performance, engagement and business capability.  Empower your workforce to manage high pressure by increasing their personal resilience in order to sustain long term health, energy and productivity. All solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs.

A core theme of our coaching and training solutions is a whole body approach using technology as a measure to improve. Our programmes provide a powerful set of life-changing practical strategies and techniques that teach  participants how to reduce stress and enhance performance, energy levels and wellbeing. In today's fast-paced world, this is a practical and effective approach applicable to all areas of life.

Our research and personal experience has shown the team at the Resilience Formula that many coaching and training techniques offer coping strategies and do not get to the route-cause of challenges to performance and wellbeing. In contrast being empowered to take responsibility for personal resilience and health  for the effective long term management of yourself, career and long term energy can genuinely enable your people to get better results quickly, simply, continuously.