Facilitating conflict resolution

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A recent online article “Dealing with annoying co-workers” by Pamela Eyring highlights that the workplace is filled with all kinds of personalities – each with their own unique (and sometimes annoying) habits.

In my experience, the key to overcoming conflict at work is to STOP. Rather than react to the situation ask yourself, do I want to allow this to drain my energy and take my focus away from what is really important?

You can transform this experience in 5 clear steps:

1. Ask yourself, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being high) how irritated are you?

2. How does this feeling serve you? Is it a helpful choice?

3. You hear those closest to you best when you listen with your heart – so listen with all your senses to what is really being said by the person who is acting as a trigger. What do your instincts tell you about the situation?

4. Ask yourself, why is their behaviour acting as a trigger? Be honest!

5. Use all the information available to you. Sort through what you are hearing against what your other senses are telling you. What is your gut reaction, what does your heart tell you?

There are many reasons why someone else’s behaviour can act as a trigger. If you can stop for a moment, take yourself out of the typical response and ask yourself the above questions, it can help you understand why YOU may be reacting in the way you are and why this is stopping you from really understanding what is going on.

The answer may simply be that, yes, this person is annoying. But at least this realisation may come with the knowledge that there is nothing you can do about that. But what you CAN do is work through the interaction in a way that is less draining to your energy, health, vitality and performance.

Try these tips next time and ask yourself – did it help?



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At the core of all successful people is a healthy, switched on and happy heart!