What’s your story? 5 fresh ideas and brilliant ways to increase energy this month!

What’s your story? 5 fresh ideas and brilliant ways to increase energy this month!
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We each experience the world around us in a different way – all of our views and experiences are unique.

For an entrepreneur, high achiever, leader or parent it is important to remember events produce stories and stories can produce events – you have to create a compelling and good story to take people along with you – be it the investor you want to help fund your great business idea, to the reluctant team when you want that little bit extra to the 4 year old child who doesn’t want to get dressed!

If you could take a moment to reflect back – what are the high moments of your life – the energy giving positive high points?

Now consider the not so great times – don’t spend to long on this question – the point is even thinking of something that scares us can cause us to feel the associated negative emotions – staying in this negative emotion can then taint our experiences as they unfold for the rest of that day.

How we create our reality is very much dependent on the mind and body’s interpretation of the event. This is driven by our emotions and our physiology. When we describe an event we are describing our experience of what happened. Storytelling plays such an important role in how we live our lives – how we succeed or fail.

We tend to live in our heads and not in our bodies – and the head tells a good or bad story and is not always great at differentiating perception from reality. Our heads can be useful for analyzing but we are at our most resilient when we are using all of our body and senses. There is allot to be said for gut reactions or what your heart is telling you – when have they been wrong?

Would you like to take charge of your energy levels?

If the answer is yes recognize that the head is a tool to be used and not used by. Accepting emotions and working with them is the quickest way to create a positive story.

Shifting how you tell a story will enable you to pro actively work with your emotional hangovers from past experiences – recognize that your current behaviors will be influenced by past experiences and could be getting in the way of fully functioning as a human being. If you do not effectively deal with emotions you are pushed up into your head and you start to form and tell a story.

Do you know you need to change your story?

5 top tips on how to NOW!

1. Decide today what types of stories you will now tell

2. Use energy giving stories – these will inspire your self and others, build energy, confidence and motivation

3. Align your stories with how you want your future to be

4. Play in motion the story and outcome you want at the end of the day – connect with the feeling of this story – just go with it!

5. Take command of the stories that drive the future

Create the capacity to tell better stories about your past. Take a minute or two each day to imagine what it will be like to achieve your dream and re-connect with that end result.

Here is what a recent client said when I got him back in touch with his positive energy giving story -

“After 25 years in the City, most of which has been spent running trading and broking businesses, meeting with Julie was a great opportunity to see how I could better address stressful tasks and situations. The practical tools she taught give you immediate and objective feedback ­– perfect for results-orientated City people”. Top sportspeople seem to have more time and space than their peers and the best way that I can describe the impact of working with Julie is that it gives you the space to perform at your best. For anyone who works under pressure and who feels that what goes on in their head can sometimes gets in the way, working with Julie is a great way forward.

Remember what you focus on you create